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We act as architects, working to make an impact on a daily basis throughout projects, ingenuity and commitment to all that we do. Our vision of happiness at work is defined as: a stimulating environment that allows us to have our heads and hearts permanently engaged.
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Selective neighbourhood

Whether you're a fan of shish-taouk, European hot-dogs or vegetarian cuisine, you can get it nearby.

Kronos Lifestyle

Flex work

9 'til what time? At Kronos, you are in charge of your own schedule. Even if you live the closest, you have the right to come to work the latest.

Kronos Lifestyle

Social activities

Whether you're an early bird, or you prefer tea time or happy hour, it doesn't matter, as we have something for all tastes.

Kronos Lifestyle

Free all you can drink coffee and tea

Whether you run on coffee or prefer to sip tea beside a bonzai tree, you're in luck because we provide all you can drink of both

Kronos Lifestyle

We are geeks and proud of it

We work in a product-based environment. That means that you can take the time necessary to refine your code and you can deliver it within the deadlines determined by the team. Satisfaction guaranteed (yours, of course!).

Kronos Lifestyle

Our team is on fire

You can work in a stuffed shirt environment or join us at Kronos and make yourself at home. You decide.

Because your contribution to our team will simplify our lives, we make it our mission to simplify yours.

We take care of the most important elements:
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Our support for your projects

  • Employee referral bonus
  • Floating holidays
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Our life quality

  • Creative and collaborative work spaces, in which each employee also has their own work space
  • Spaces for relaxing (which can even be used for short afternoon naps!)
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Our health

  • Fully equipped training room
  • Private trainer
  • Locker room and shower
  • Indoor garage for bikes
  • Group insurance with employer contribution

Discover the tools that we use on a daily basis in order to remain at the top of our art.

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About Kronos

Kronos strong and motivating business culture enables us to deliver innovative solutions that surpass industry standards.

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We like to share the advantages offered by Kronos Finance, the completely re-developed CRM that simplifies the work of financial advisors.

Help us out and earn an Apple or Amazon gift card worth $75 for each new person referred who becomes a client of Kronos Finance.

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